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FRP Bio Septic Tank

FRP Bio Septic Tank

BMI Enviro Tech is the best manufacturer of biological purification tank is glass fibre reinforced unsaturated polyester resin of high strength glass fibre composite materials as the main material, the use of advanced FRP winding or hand model of the production process the cylinder pressure increases wheel-shaped head convex surface of the structure.

Cylinder wall thickness, add disk space and other structural calculation software using analysis strength, rigidity optimization unique design, leading technology, light weight, high strength, good corrosion resistance, no penetration, no pollution, good formability, long service life. Into the cell body has two ends, outlet pipe and Empowerment has checked the wellhead, tanks shunt with the bulkhead plate and pan with the water circulation device to increase the water retention time, improve the corrosion effect.

Specification of the Tank

  • The product of high quality glass fibre composite materials is acid, alkali resistance, tensile, compression, impact resistance and strength.
  • The advanced FRP septic tank to prevent groundwater pollution caused by the leakage. While improving the swampy ground subsidence damage to the building, good environmental benefits.
  • The product light weight, easy to transport. Overall product shape is well designed, no assembly, and quick installation.