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Waste Water Treatment Plants

Waste Water Treatment Plants

BMI Enviro Tech is one of the best wastewater treatment plant and we conducting latest treatment to treat the wastewater in a good manner. They are primary treatment, secondary treatment and tertiary treatment. In primary treatment they transfer the water to a big tank and the wastewater to settle it take some time and then the settled raw materials is removed by scrappers and then allow the wastewater to the centre of the cylinder and pass the wastewater for further treatment.

We are doing the wastewater treatments in a cost efficient manner so they are the best wastewater treatment plant. In secondary treatment they allow the air pressure force into the fuel tank or aeration tank and which is used to grow microorganism in a bigger size with the help of oxygen when attain its full growth then it flow to tank to settle for 3 to 4 hours and organism settled at the bottom of the tank and it will be removed.